Stuck at Home

Wow, it’s been a minute! Since I last wrote on this site, my writing has taken a WAY back seat to some major life changes including a new job, a pandemic, and the beginning stages of the adoption process. Many people have asked me when that next book is coming, and my honest answer is… I’m not sure it is? I just don’t have it in me right now, but maybe soon! The thought train certainly hasn’t slowed! You would think that having literally nothing to do outside of your home for months at a time would lend itself to hours and hours a day to write, but for me, it just left me feeling confused and sad… which doesn’t lend to much creatively! At least for me.

I do think I’ll be starting a series of short stories here featuring a new character I absolutely love, so stay tuned for those and I’ll post them here!

For now, though, feel free to check out the new additions to my site, including the story of our adoption from China and kid’s ministry tidbits I’ve collected over the past year.

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